Horizon Healthcare, Inc. operates an internship program in collaboration with colleges and universities nationwide.  The program is operated as part of Horizon’s mission of serving the community.  Its goal is to promote high standards of workforce preparation and training; and to provide field experience and training to enable college students to satisfy their practicum or internship requirements.  We seek to provide a structured learning experience individualized to the interests and academic requirements of each student.

Internships are offered in three different areas:

  • Clinical –  the student provides care to patients/clients; and participates in observational and educational activities appropriate to the student’s level of preparation.
  • Business – the student participates in the business operations of Horizon in a chosen area such as (i) finance, including accounting, and billing and collections, (ii) marketing, including market research, advertising/promotion, and business development (iii) government-regulations, including compliance and bid/proposal submission to government agencies such as the Wisconsin Department of Health Services, (iv) office/clinic management and operations, or (v) some combination of the foregoing.
  • Technology – the students participates in Horizon’s technology operations, including EMR (electronic medical records), web-based billing and scheduling, website maintenance, telemedicine, and e-prescribing.

The Horizon internship program complies with all the requirements that employers are subject to under Department of Labor guidelines when hiring interns.

Students who are not be able to report to one of our 48 physical locations in Wisconsin can participate in our internship program via our proprietary telehealthcare platform, AT e-PsychSM.  (AT stands for American Telehealthcare, Inc., a wholly-owned affiliate of Horizon Healthcare, Inc.)

Please contact if you are a student interested in participating in our internship program; or you represent a college or university interested in placing students with Horizon.