“A virtual Preferred Provider Organization – connecting patients to hospitals, physicians and other healthcare providers – anytime, anywhere.”

Horizon Healthcare is pleased to announce our new endeavor with American TelePsychiatry. Our affiliate, American TelePsych, allows Horizon Healthcare to provide top of the line video connection and physician services for our patients and physicians around the state, country, and world.  American TelePsychiatry is also affiliated with American Telehealthcare® and American Behavioral Telehealthcare®.

Reasons to Participate in Telehealth/TelePsychiatry

  • Access to new physicians that practice out of your area, or have a very heavy patient load.
  • No more long waits, TeleHealth reduces patient waiting times!
  • Ease of use, we make sure the experience is flawless.
  • Extended appointment hours and availability (weekends, etc.) See your doctor quicker!
  • Safe & Secure, we ensure privacy and maintain complete HIPPA compliance.
  • Can be easier to open up with the physician, and get the treatment you deserve/need.

Interested in offering TelePsychiatric or TeleHealth services in your organization?

Could you or a loved one benefit from TelePsychiatric or TeleHealth services?

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