Letter To You

Dear Friend:

It is estimated that at any given time, up to twenty million Americans are living with serious mental health or substance abuse disorders. Historically, many of these disorders went untreated and undiagnosed. However, in the past few years, new state-of-the-art, research-based services and supports have been developed. Significant research findings and empirical evidence demonstrate that disorders relating to mental health and substance use are treatable, chronic illnesses.People can and do recover from these illnesses.

Millions of persons who could benefit from mental health services or substance abuse treatment do not get the care that could help them. At Horizon Healthcare, we have a passion for facilitating recovery for individuals suffering from mental health and substance abuse disorders. We are dedicated to helping each of our clients, one at a time, reclaim their lives and become fulfilling members of the community.
Welcome to Horizon Healthcare, Inc.

“Imagine and realize a new you, through a journey of self-discovery.”

Patricia M. Faulhaber, RN, MSN
Vice President